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About Weiyu
Quality Control

¡¡¡¡high-class products are from everlasting pursuit

Since the company was founded,she has been approved by 3 C of the conutry, SGCC of the USA and TNO BV of Netherlands and gets the honor of AAA enterprise every year.The company has 20 technical employees, 18 engineers.We invest morethan 500,000 RMB in products developing and technique innovation every year.So she has a good reputation in domestic industry.

There is a close relation between enterprise standard and administration. The target that products¡¯ standard in quality is reification and quantification of the quality control aim.The company sets her own standard system and keeps improving to guarantee the actualizing of products¡¯ standard and the steady quality increase.We seek the harmony between products¡¯ function and aesthetic feeling,environment protection and safety, features and appearance,also fashion and usage.AS for aftersales service,we also offer thoughtful technique service or support in time to provide customers the safe products.

The company takes ¡°Developing new technique,producing excellent goods to contribute to society¡± as a basic ideal.Every year,we invest too much in new product developing and technique innovation.Now,the whole company are making every effort to make the quality increase and do environment protective activity.